New Product Launch - Ferrite Filtered & VGA Connectors

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Ferrite Filtered Connectors

D-Sub DB9 Solder Ferrite Filtered is designed to reduce data-destroying electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference for enhanced accuracy in your wiring projects. It comes with a shielded metal hood for extra protection and improved signal clarity. Ideal for DIY projects, it's a reliable way to reduce EMI/RFI noise for peak performance. Ferrite Filtered Connectors DB9 Male and Female. Ferrite Filtered Solder DB9 Male Connector DIY KIT

 View Product Page Details for DB9 Male Solder Ferrite/Filtered Connector DIY Kit Ferrite Filtered Connector Solder DB9 Female DIY Kit

 View Product Page Details for DB9 Female Solder Ferrite/Filtered Connector DIY Kit

VGA Connector

This D-Sub VGA male terminal block connector with case and thumb screws DIY kit offers an efficient connection solution with solderless terminals and clearly marked wiring serial numbers to minimize wiring errors. The connection can be reused multiple times for your convenience. High Density DB15 VGA Male 3Row D-Sub Solderless Breakout Terminal Block Connector DIY Kit

View Product Page Details for High Density DB15 Male Solderless

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