D-Sub Kit with No Ear Full Profile Deluxe Metal Hood 

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Deluxe Metal Hood

Technical Information

  • Material: Zinc, Nickel Plated

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 0 C to +120 0 C

  • Cable Entry: Top entry

  • Jack Screws: UNC 4-40

  • Cable O.D: 9-way: Up to 8.0mm

                           15-way: Up to 11.6mm

                           25-way: Up to 11.6mm

                           37-way: Up to 11.6mm

                           High Density 15-way: Up to 8.0mm


  • Available in sizes 9-15-25-37 -15HD, Solder & Crimp Types. 

  • Excellent EMI Shielding

  • Re-openable

  • Double strain relief for strong and secure cable clamping


What is no ear full profile deluxe metal hood ?


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