CAT.8 Ethernet Connectors RJ45 Shielded Plug Clear Boot 20 PCS/Pack

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Product Title : CAT.8 RJ45 Shielded Plug 50Micron 3Prong with Clear Boot, Ethernet Connectors Fit Wire 22-26 AWG, 20 PCS/Pack. (CAT.8 RJ45 Shielded Plug Clear Boot)


  • Applicable for 22 ~ 26AWG Cat.8 Cable.
  • Wire OD 1.35 ~ 1.4mm.
  • Cable Jacket Diameter 6.5mm ~ 8.5mm.
  • Compatible with Solid or Stranded Wire.
  • Tool is Required to Terminate.
  • Supports 40Gbps ( 4 times faster than Cat.6A ).
  • Excellent Performance with POE++ Applications.
  • UL/RoHS.
  • Packaging Includes CAT8 Shielded Plug Clear Boot 20 PCS/ Pack.

Product Description :

These Cat.8 Shielded Plugs Feature Gold-Plated RJ45 Contacts, and a Wire Alignment Insert for an Efficient and Secure Termination. The Fully Shielded Housing of the Connectors Helps to Avoid Corrosion and Protect from EMI. The RJ45 Connectors are Designed Specifically for Cat.8 Cable, Providing Optimal Performance and Reliability.

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Part Number: L8S24-SPX20 and L8S24-SPX20-MF

UPC : 618504187884

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