CAT. 6A Shielded Ethernet Cable Blue (Compare at Amazon Price Save 10%)

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Product Title : CAT. 6A Shielded Ethernet Cable, 4 Twisted Pairs, 26 AWG, 10G, Bandwidth up to 550 MHz. RJ45 Plug Connector for Routers/Patch Panels/Modems/Switches.(CAT. 6A, Ethernet Cable Shielded, Blue)


Color: Blue


Product Description : 

The CAT. 6A Patch Cable can Connect Ethernet Networks such as 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, and 10,000Base-T in Distances up to 100 Meters (328 feet). The CAT. 6A Cables were Designed Specifically for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Applications over Copper. They Provide High-Data Transfer Rates and Operate at a Minimum Frequency of 550MHz. These Cables Deliver Improved Performance over Standard Cat.6 Cables.

Cat.6A Shielded Cables are Made From Four Pure Copper Wire Pairs Twisted Together at 26 AWG. A Foil Shield is Applied to Each Pair, then Four Pairs Are Shielded Again by Braid. In Addition to Providing Ultimate EMI Protection, This Structure Has Two Shielding Layers. Designed to Protect RJ45 Connectors From Accidental Snapping or Damage, the Snagless Bubbles Protect the Locking Tabs from Damage. There are a Variety of Lengths and Colors Available for Our Category 6A Shielded Ethernet Cables.



  • Conductor : High Performance CAT. 6A 26 AWG Ethernet Patch Cable is Perfect for Connecting Computers with Devices such as Routers, Switches, Patch Panels and More.
  • Bandwidth : CAT. 6A Cables are Certified to Handle 10 Gigabit Ethernet with a Bandwidth of up to 550 MHz.
  • Connector : RJ45 Connectors with 50-Micron Gold-Plated Contacts Ensure Clear Transmission by Eliminating Signal Loss Due to Corrosion. Snagless Molded Boot is Designed to Protect the Locking Tab of the RJ45 Connector When Plugging and Unplugging.
  • Wiring Scheme : T-568B.
  • Certification : Compliant with EIA/TIA Standard by UL.
  • PVC Jacket.
  • RoHS Compliant.


Available Length 10 PCS / Pack : 1 Foot, 3 Feet, 5 Feet, 7 Feet, 10 Feet, 15 Feet 

Available Length 1 PC / Pack : 25 Feet, 50 Feet, 75 Feet, 100 Feet


1 Foot Part Number : MRJ-L6AS-01BL10      UPC : 618504185637

3 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-03BL10      UPC618504185668 

5 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-05BL10      UPC618504185699

7 Feet Part Number :   MRJ-L6AS-07BL10     UPC : 618504185729

10 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-10BL10    UPC : 618504185781

15 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-15BL10    UPC : 618504185811

25 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-25BL        UPC618504185866

50 Feet Part Number :  MRJ-L6AS-50BL        UPC618504185897

75 Feet Part Number : MRJ-L6AS-75BL         UPC618504185927

100 Feet Part Number : MRJ-L6AS-100BL     UPC : 618504185750

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