RS-232 Serial Cable Splitter Y Cable, Shielded, Molded, Beige (DB9 Female x 1 to DB9 Male x 2)

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Product Title : RS-232 Serial Cable Splitter Y Cable, Shielded, Molded, Beige ( One DB9 Female to Two DB9 Male )



  • Cable Type: RS-232 Serial Splitter Cable.
  • Connector A: DB9 Female x 1.
  • Connector B: DB9 Male x 2.
  • Conductor: 1:1:1, 28 AWG x 9C + Drain Wire.
  • Cable Length : 0.5 Feet (6 Inch).
  • Cable Color : Beige.
  • Straight Through Wiring.
  • Full Shielding to Reduce EMI/RFI Interference.
  • RoHS.

Product Description : 

One DB9 Female to Dual DB9 Male Connector Can Effortlessly Divide One RS-232 Serial Connection into Two. This Cost-Effective Solution Transforms a Single DB9 9-Pin Female Connector into Two DB9 9-Pin Male Connectors, Allowing You Easily Link Two Serial Peripherals to One PC Source. Compatible with all DB9 Serial Cables. This Is an Ideal Solution for Customizing and Upgrading Your System.

Product Series : DMC Series Y Cable.

Part Number : DMC-9FM-6INBX2      UPC: 618504187600

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