15 Conductor, 26AWG, Gray or Black Computer Cable, 1000 Feet

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Product Title : Best Computer Cable, 15 Conductor W/Drain, ST-26 AWG Mylar Shield and Stranded, UL2464 1000 FT, Gray or Black PVC Jacket. 

Cable Type : 15 Conductor Computer Cable


  • 15 Conductor with Drain, High Performance Cable, Length 1000 FT.
  • For RS232, VGA, Mouse and Keyboard.
  • 26 AWG Stranded, Mylar Shield and Gray or Black PVC Jacket.
  • UL2464, RoHS Compliance.
  • Need Connectors? Check out CompuCablePlusUSA DB15 Kit items- we carry  Solider, Crimp and Solderless Types.

Product Description :

The Best Computer Cable, 15 Conductor W/ Drain, ST-26 AWG Mylar Shield and Stranded , UL2464, Gray or Black PVC Jacket. Check out DB15 Connector DIY Kit Items - We Carry Solder, Crimp, and Solderless Types. Assemble Your Own, RS232, VGA, Keyboard, Mouse Cables. Best Connector DIY Kits.

EAN: 0618504181219

1K FT Part Number : BW-26AL-15G1K

Jacket Color Gray or Black will be sent depending on availability.

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This product is subject to a restocking charging equal to 15% of the purchase order value for return and refund.

Special Offer :

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