Mini Display Port to DVI Cable (M/M), 32 AWG, White

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Product Title : Mini Display Port to DVI Cable (M/M), 32 AWG, White 


  • Connector A: Mini Display Port (Male)
  • Connector B: DVI (Male)
  • Cable Length : 3 Feet, 6 Feet, 10 Feet, & 15 Feet.
  • Cable Color: White
  • This Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable Lets You Connect Your Computer or Tablet to a Monitor, Transmitting Full HD Video Resolutions Up to 1080p. With This Convenient Adapter Cable, It Is Easy to Connect and Get a Clear Display You Can Count On.
  • This Gold-Plated Conductor Offers Superior Protection and Stability Against Corrosion, While the Inner Braid ed Foil Shielding Ensures Optimal Signal Quality and Less Interference. Enjoy Reliable Connectivity with This Cutting Edge Technology.
  • This Low-Profile Connector Offers Convenience and Functionality. Its Ergonomic Tread Provides Easy and Secure Plugging and Unplugging, While the Slim Design Ensures No Adjacent Ports are Blocked. Plug It in and Leave It in the Perfect Travel Companion.
  • RoHS.

Product Description: 

This Thunderbolt to DVI Cable is the Perfect Solution for Easily Connecting a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 2 Port Compatible Computer to Your Monitor or Projector with DVI. Enjoy Fast and Reliable Connection Speeds Without the Need of Additional Adapters. Perfect for Both Home and Office Use.

Part Number: AMDPDVI-3MM & AMDPDVI-3MM-MF        UPC : 618504188126

Part Number: AMDPDVI-3MM & AMDPDVI-6MM-MF        UPC : 618504188133

Part Number: AMDPDVI-3MM & AMDPDVI-10MM-MF      UPC : 618504188102

Part Number: AMDPDVI-3MM & AMDPDVI-15MM-MF      UPC : 618504188119

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