Mini Display Port to Mini Display Port Cable (M/M), 32 AWG, White

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Product Title : Mini Display Port to Mini Display Port Cable (M/M), 32 AWG, White


  • Connector A: Mini Display Port (Male).
  • Connector B: Mini Display Port (Male).
  • Conductor: 32 AWG. x 5P + 32 AWG x 4C.
  • Cable Length : 3 Feet, 6 Feet, 10 Feet, & 15 Feet.
  • Cable Color: White.
  • Compliant with DP1.2 Specification.
  • Resolutions: 3FT, 6FT, 10FT can support up to 4K@60Hz, 15FT can support up to 4K@30Hz.
  • Connect your PC or other Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt 2 equipped computer to a HD Monitor with Mini DisplayPort Connector.
  • This gold-plated connector offers superior transmission, with greater reliability and longer-lasting durability. It is an ideal choice for any high-performance applications that require maximum signal integrity.
  • This Mini Display Port cable offers a reliable connection for streaming audio/video from computers to monitors, projectors and HDTVs. It supports crisp, high-definition video and audio. Plug and play with no software required.
  • RoHS.

Product Description : 

Mini Display Cable series offers reliable, innovative solutions for all audio, video, display, and connectivity needs. This cable gives you the perfect way to extend your Mini Display Port connection from one device to another. Enjoy full HD resolution and deep colors with this Mini DP to Mini DP connection made to the highest standards. Enjoy quality streaming and gaming with the smooth transition of data across the connection.

Part Number: AMDP-3MM & AMDP-3MM-MF       UPC : 618504188089

Part Number: AMDP-6MM & AMDP-6MM-MF       UPC : 618504188096

Part Number: AMDP-10MM & AMDP-10MM-MF   UPC : 618504188065

Part Number: AMDP-15MM & AMDP-15MM-MF   UPC : 618504188072

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