DB50 Male Crimp Type Unshielded Plastic Hood

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Product Title : Best DB50 connector male crimp-on with unshielded light weight silver metallic paint PVC plastic hood DIY kit for repairing, making and assembling your own DB50 cable.



Features :

  • DB50 male crimp type, data application, computer DB50 serial connection type.
  • Wire connection type: crimp on, for wire gauge 28-24 , silver metallic paint PVC plastic hood.
  • Gold plated pro D-Sub male crimping pins for DB50.
  • RoHS Compliant / RoHS compliance is meant to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals used in electronic manufacturing.
  • Complete bundle DIY kit includes D-Sub connector, unshielded plastic hood, gold plated pro D-Sub pins, strain relief grommet, and screws.


Application :

  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Serial Data Transmission
  • Tax Control Machine
  • Industrial Instrument
  • Device Management
  • Data Network 
  • Cash Machine
  • Computer
  • Modem

Product Description : Assemble your own DB and HD connectors to replace worn out connectors or convert existing cables for different applications with a DB50 housing and a D-Sub crimp-on computer connector. Compared to solder connectors, crimp-on connectors are easier to assemble.

Package Dimensions : 5.2 x 3.3 x 1.0 inches

Part Number : DCT-50MMP-KIT