RS-232 Serial Mini Tester for Serial Port DB25 to DB25, Male to Female, 1 PC/Pack.

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Product Title : Best RS-232 Serial Mini Tester for Serial Port DB25 Male to DB25 Female, 1 PC/Pack.

Features :

  • Connector: DB25 Male to DB25 Female.
  • Type: RS-232 Mini Tester Adapter.
  • An Ideal Solution for troubleshooting issues with RS-232 Interfaces.
  • This Serial Port DB25 Connector with LEDs is Designed to Indicate the Status of 6 Useful Pins, Including TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, and DTR. The LEDs Make it Easier to Diagnose Errors in the Data Transmission Process and Troubleshoot System Issues Quickly.
  • RoHs.


Product Desciption : 

This Serial Port 25 Pin Molded Mini Tester Provides a Simple and Effective Way to Troubleshoot and Monitor DB25 Cables and Devices with Maximum Efficiency. Made with a Compact Design, This Tester Saves Time by Easily Fitting into any Workspace and Allowing Users to Quickly Test and Monitor Connections.


UPC : 618504187822

Part No. : DST-25MF-MT & DST-25MF-MT-MF

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