D-Sub Molded Cable Type 5 : Null Modem Cable (Crossover Cable)

Null Modem Cable Connects Two DTE Devices Together Without the Need for a DCE Device in Between. It Provides a Great Way to Transfer Data Between Two Computers without Interfering with Data Flow and is Perfect for a Wide Variety of Applications.


Available Cable Options :


DB9 to DB9          Male to Female          Cable Length : 6 10 25 Feet

DB9 to DB9          Female to Female      Cable Length : 3 6 10 25 Feet


DB9 to DB25        Female to Male          Cable Length :  6 10 15 25 Feet

DB9 to DB25        Female to Female       Cable Length : 10 Feet


DB25 to DB25      Male to Female           Cable Length : 6 Feet