CAT.5E Outdoor Unshielded Ethernet Bulk Cable Black

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CAT.5E Outdoor Solid Direct Burial UTP Unshielded Ethernet Cable, CMX-Rated, UV-Resistant and Waterproof LDPE Jacket, Support Gigabit Network LAN Wire with a Bandwidth of up to 350 MHz, 4 Twisted Pairs 24AWG Solid Bare Copper.

Product Description : 

Introducing Our CAT. 5E Outdoor UTP Unshielded Solid Direct Burial Bulk Cable in
Sleek Black, Engineered for Superior Performance in Outdoor network LAN Wire.
Designed with Durability in Mind, Its CMX-Rated, UV Resistant and Waterproof
Jacket Ensures Resilience Against Harsh Environmental Conditions and Uninterrupted Connectivity Year-Round.

Crafted with a Solid Copper Conductor, this CAT. 5E Outdoor Ethernet Cable Provides
Exceptional Conductivity and Signal Integrity, Essential for High-Speed Data Transmission. Supporting Gigabit Ethernet with a Bandwidth of Up to 350 MHz, It
Delivers Reliable Network Performance in Demanding Outdoor Environments. Made
from 100% Pure Copper and RoHS Compliant, This Cable Meets Stringent Industry
Standards for Safety and Performance, Featuring a 24 AWG Solid Bare Copper
Conductor and LDPE Jacket for Maximum Durability and Protection. Whether You
are Setting Up Surveillance Systems, Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks, or Connecting Remote
Devices, Trust Our CAT. 5E UTP Outdoor Bulk Network LAN Wire for Consistent
Connectivity and Performance in any Condition.


  • Solid Direct Burial- Perfect for Outdoor Network LAN Wire: This CAT.5E Cable is Engineered for Outdoor Use, making it Ideal for a Wide Range of Outdoor
    Networking Applications, Offering Durability and Reliability in Harsh Environment Conditions.
  • Durable Construction : Features a CMX-Rated, UV-Resistant and Waterproof
    Jacket for Long-Lasting Performance Outdoors. CMX jackets are crafted from
    special materials designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain,
    ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Premium Materials : Made from 100% Pure Copper, Equipped with Solid Copper
    Conductor to Ensure Superior Conductivity and Signal Integrity. This cable can be
    installed under awnings, in the ground, buried or trenched, between buildings, or
    wherever Ethernet connections are required.
  • High-Quality Performance : Capable of Supporting Gigabit Ethernet with a
    Bandwidth of Up to 350 MHz for Fast and Reliable Network Performance.
  • Environmentally Friendly : RoHS Compliant.       
  • Pre-Cut Cable Length Options, Service on Order. Minimum order in total 1000 FT.

                - No Cut : 1000 FT / 1 Piece Reel Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

     - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 200 FT/5 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

                - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 100 FT/10 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

                - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 50 FT/20 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

                - Pre-Cut Cable Length :  25 FT/ 40 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

    • Get cable lengths cut for your needs with our bulk wire cutting service, please fill out this Form for details.

Part No.:  BW-L5EUX-1KBLK                UPC : 618504188775

Part No.:  BW-L5EUX-200BLK              UPC : 618504188782

Part No.: BW-L5EUX-100BLK               UPC : 618504188799

Part No.:  BW-L5EUX-50BLK                UPC : 618504188805

Part No.:  BW-L5EUX-25BLK                UPC : 618504188812

1000 FT / 1 Reel Pack - PO process lead time is 7 working days on Monday - Thursday.

Pre-Cut Cable Length Options, Service on Order - PO process lead time is 14 working days on Monday - Thursday.

No Cut 1000 FT / 1 Reel Pack - Bulk Spool Reel Cable subject to a restocking charging equal to 15% of the purchase order value for return and refund.

All Pre-Cut Cables are Non-Cancelable/Non Returnable. 

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