USBC Adapter 3 in 1 - Connect A : USB 3.1 Type C Male to Connect B : Female VGA (HD15) / Female USB Type-A / Female USB Type-C (VGA & USB)

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Product Title :  USB 3.1 Type-C Male Convert to Female VGA (HD15) / USB 3.0 Type-A / USB Type-C Charging Port (Data + Power) Adapter. 3 in 1 USBC to VGA Adapter 34 AWG.



  • This USB C to VGA Hub Enables You to Connect USB-C Port Laptop or Smartphone to a VGA External Display, Enjoy a 1080P Larger Screen.
  • USB C Port on This USB-C Hub Allows a Max 60W Power to Charge Your Laptop or Tablet When Work with an External Screen, just Connect it with Your Own PD Charger.
  • USB A Port is Designed for Data Syncing and Let You Connect it with a USB Flash Drive, External Drive, or USB Mouse for Working Efficiently.
  • Plug and Play. This USB-C to VGA Multiport Adapter Does Not Require an External Driver. Only 2 oz in Total Make It Light Enough to Stay in Your Bag. RoHS.
  • Connect A : USB 3.1 Type-C Male. Connect B : USB 3.0 Type-A Female + VGA (HD15) Female + Type C Female.

Product Description :

This USB C to VGA Hub is Designed for USB-C Laptops to Extend the Screen on a VGA Monitor/ Projector. You Can Share the Laptop on a Larger Screen. It also Offers a Solution to Connecting Traditional USB-A Devices like a Flash Drive or Mouse& Keyboard. Built with Charging Port Make This USB-C Multiport Adapter a Saver for Your Laptop which Shares the Charging, Syncing, and Video Streaming via the Only One USB-C Port. When You Connect This USB-C Hub to the Laptop for a VGA Projector, Just Plug in Your Own PD Charger, then Your Laptop Will Be Charged at the Same Time.

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UPC : 618504187259

Part Number : UC3-CMFA2 or UC3-CMFA2-MF

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