CAT.6 Slim Ethernet Cable Bulk Black

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Product Title : CAT.6 Slim 28 AWG Unshielded CM Rated - Stranded Ethernet Bulk Cable, Gigabit Network LAN Wire, UTP Internet Cable 1000 FT, Black.  

Product Description : 

Introducing Our CAT 6 UTP Stranded Ethernet Bulk Cable, Designed to be the Perfect Choice for Creating Custom-Length Patch Cables and Handling High-Speed Networking Tasks. Carefully Engineered for Precision and Reliability, This Cable goes above and Beyond Industry Standards to Ensure Smooth Connections and Outstanding Performance. Whether You’re Outfitting a Home Office, Enhancing Your Business Network, or Fine-Tuning Your Data Center Setup, Our CAT6 Stranded Bulk Cable Delivers the Flexibility and Dependability You are Looking for.


  • Stranded Copper Conductor: Featuring a 28 AWG Stranded Copper Conductor, Our Cable Ensures Optimal Signal Transmission and Flexibility, Making it Ideal for Installations Where Frequent Bending or Movement is Expected.
  • Certified for Gigabit Ethernet: Our CAT6 Cables are Certified to Handle Gigabit Ethernet, Delivering High-Speed Data Transmission for Demanding Network Applications and Bandwidth-Intensive Tasks.
  • High Quality Construction: Constructed with 100% Pure Copper Wires Compliant with EIA/TIA Standard Certified by UL and ETL, Reliable Performance and Adherence to Industry Regulations. 4 Twisted Pairs with a Spline Core Separator.
  • Long Length: This Cable Provides Extensive Coverage, Making It Suitable for Large-Scale Networking Projects.

          -No Cut : 1000 FT / 1 Piece Reel Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

  • Pre-Cut Cable Length Options, Service on Order. Minimum order in total 1000 FT.

           - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 200 FT/5 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

           - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 100 FT/10 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

           - Pre-Cut Cable Length : 50 FT/20 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

           - Pre-Cut Cable Length :  25 FT/ 40 Piece Pack, Total Cable Length 1000 FT.

    • Get cable lengths cut for your needs with our bulk wire cutting service, please fill out this Form for details. 
    • CM Rated & RoHS Compliant.

      Part No.:  BW-SL6U -1KBLK                UPC :  618504188522

      Part No.:  BW-SL6U -200BLK              UPC :  618504188539

      Part No.:  BW-SL6U -100BLK              UPC :  618504188546

      Part No.:  BW-SL6U -50BLK                UPC :  618504188553

      Part No.:  BW-SL6U -25BLK                UPC : 618504188560

      1000 FT / 1 Reel Pack - PO process lead time is 7 working days on Monday - Thursday.

      Pre-Cut Cable Length Options, Service on Order - PO process lead time is 14 working days on Monday - Thursday.

      No Cut 1000 FT / 1 Reel Pack - Bulk Spool Reel Cable subject to a restocking charging equal to 15% of the purchase order value for return and refund.

      All Pre-Cut Cables are Non-Cancelable/Non Returnable. 

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