Cisco® Cable DB9 Female to RJ45 Male Console 6 Feet 2 PCS /PACK

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Title :  Cisco® Cable DB9 Female to RJ45 Male Console 6 Feet 2 PCS /PACK


Product Description :

Enhance Your Networking Setup with the CISCO® DB9 Female to RJ45 Male Console Cable 6 Feet. Designed for Seamless Compatibility, This Cable Ensures Reliable Data Transmission Between Your Computer's Serial Port and Cisco® Devices Console Port. With Its Precision Construction and 8C 28 AWG Conductor Ensures Stable Signal Transmission and Enjoy Hassle-Free Configuration and Management. The Vibrant Blue Color Adds a Stylish Touch, While Compatibility with Cisco® #72-3383-01 Cable Makes It a Versatile Addition to Your Toolkit. Trust in This Cable for Consistent Connectivity and Performance Across Routers, Switches, and Other Cisco® Devices. Say Hello to Seamless Networking Without the Hassle.



  • Connector A : DB9 Female.
  • Connector B : RJ45 Male.
  • Cable Length : 6 Feet.
  • Conductor : 8C 28 AWG.
  • Versatile Compatibility : DB9 Female to RJ45 Male Console Cable Compatible with a Broad Spectrum of Cisco Devices Such As Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and More, Offering Users a Flexible Connectivity Solution. 
  • Effortless Connectivity : Facilitates Simple Connection between a Computer or Terminal Device and Cisco Equipment's Console Port, Streamlining Configuration and Management Tasks Through the Console Interface.
  • Reliable Signal Transmission : Engineered with Premium Materials, Ensuring Stable and Dependable Signal Transmission, Mitigating Communication Failures and Data Loss Caused by Connectivity Issues.
  • Robust Construction : Endures Rigorous Durability Testing, Ensuring a Prolonged Lifespan and  Suitability for Frequent Connection and Disconnection Cycles Across Various Environments and Scenarios.
  • Convenient Portability : Lightweight and Compact Design Enhances Portability, Making it Convenient for Network Engineers and Administrators to Troubleshoot and Maintain Network Devices On-Site.        


Part Number: DBM-9FRM-06BLU      UPC : 618504189000


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