CAT.8 Ethernet Connector RJ45 Toolless Shielded Termination Plug, 2 PCS/Pack

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Product Title : CAT.8 RJ45 Toolless Shielded Termination Plug, Ethernet Connectors Fit Wire 22-26 AWG, Tool Free, 2 PCS/Pack (CAT.8 RJ45 Toolless Shielded Termination Plug).

Features :

  • Applicable Wire 22 - 26 AWG.
  • Cable Jacket Diameter 6.5 mm - 8.5 mm.
  • Compatible with Solid or Stranded Wire.
  • No Tool is Required to Terminate.
  • Supports 40Gbps ( 4 Times Faster Than CAT.6A).
  • Excellent Performance with POE++ Applications.
  • UL / RoHS.

Product Description :

In This Category, We Have CAT.8 RJ45 Jacks Designed Specifically for Solid Cat.8 Cable. The Contacts on the Termination Plug are Gold Plated. A Wire Alignment Insert Ensures an Efficient Termination Without the Use of Tools, but If You Want to Trim Excess Wire, We Recommend Using a Cable-Cutter. EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) is Prevented by Shielding the Connector Housings.

Part Number : L8S24-SMX2

UPC : 618504186955

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