DB9 Female Crimp Type Shielded Metal Hood

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Product Name : Best DB9 female crimp on connector complete DIY kit includes crimp on D-Sub connector, crimp pins, metal hood, strain relief grommet, and screws. Fix, make and assemble your own DB9 cable.



  • DB9 female type, data application, computer DB9 serial connection type.
  • Wire connection type: crimp on, for wire gauge 28-24 , metal hood shielded connector to prevent electromagnetic interference(EMI).
  • Gold plated pro D-Sub female crimp pins for DB9.
  • RoHS compliant / RoHS compliance is meant to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals used in electronic manufacturing.
  • Complete bundle DIY kit includes D-Sub connector, shielded metal hood, gold plated pro D-Sub Pins, strain relief grommets, and screws.



  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Serial Data Transmission
  • Tax Control Machine
  • Industrial Instrument
  • Device Management
  • Data Network 
  • Cash Machine
  • Computer
  • Modem


Product Description : 

Best create, repair, and build your own DB9 cable end connector DB9 serial female crimp type with metal hood set. Install your own connectors to replace worn ones or to adapt existing ones for different purposes. The assembly of crimp-on connectors is faster than with solder connectors.

UPC : 618504180106

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches

Part Number: DCT-9FM-KIT and DCT-9FM-KIT-MF

Free Insertion/Extraction Crimp Tools for Normal Density Crimp Type Shielded Metal Hood


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