RS-232 Serial Surge Protector (3MOV) DB25 to DB25, Male to Female, 1 PC/Pack.

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Product Title : Best RS-232 Serial Surge Protector (3MOV) DB25 Male to DB25 Female, 1 PC/Pack. 


Features :

  • Connector : DB25 Male to DB25 Female.
  • Type:  Surge Protector 3MOV Adapter.
  • This Surge Protector is an Essential Safety Device to Guard Against Power Surges That Can Damage Your RS-232 Cables and Devices. It Offers Reliable Short-Circuit Protection for Reliable Connection and Long-Term Device Durability.
  • This DB25 Protector is Designed to Safeguard 2, 3 and 7 Pin Interfaces in Specific DB25 Applications.
  • RoHs.


Product Desciption : 

Protect Your Data and Connected Devices from Electrical Surges with this Complete DB25 Serial Port Surge Protector. Ideal for Preventing Damage Caused by Faulty Wiring, Electrostatic Discharge, Power Surges, and Lightning, You Can Trust that Your Data and Hardware Remain Safe and Secure.


UPC : 618504187815

Part No. : DST-25MF-SP & DST-25MF-SP-MF

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