New Product Launch - RS-232 Serial Cable & USB Cable to Lead Wires

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RS-232 Serial Cable to Lead Wires - 15FT & 35FT New Length Available Now

RS-232 Industrial Serial Cable to Lead Wire - 28 AWG with Black PVC Jacket or Metal Braded Cord, DB9 / DB15 / DB25 / DB37 / High Density DB15, Male/ Female Types. All Available Length Option in 5FT, 10FT, 15FT, 25FT & 35FT. RS-232 Serial Cable New Length Available in 15FT & 35FT.


USB-A Cable to Lead Wires

Get Optimal Data Transfer and Interference Protection with This Anti-Interference Shielding Cable. This USB 2.0 Cable to Bare Wires Open End (4P + 1 Drain Wire) is Made of Pure Copper, Providing Excellent Conductivity, As Well As Shielding Capability to Reduce RF/Electromagnetic Interference. Durable PVC Material and Length Available in 6 FT and 10 FT Cable to Bare Wire Open End. USB-A to Lead Wires


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