New Product Launch - USB 2.0 DIY Connectors

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USB 2.0 Male Screw Terminal 

USB 2.0 Type-A Male to 5 Pin Bolt Screw Terminal Pluggable Block Connector Available for Data Transfer and the Equipment with USB Interface Ports. No Need Soldering Plug Adapter to Connect, Nickel-Plated Interface, Pure Copper Conductor. Insulated and Retardant to Fire, Anti-Friction, Strong Oxidation Resistance, Effectively Reduce Resistance, Safe to Use. The Signal is More Stability and Connect is More Reliable.


USB Connector DIY KIT - Solder Type 

USB 2.0 Male Connectors STD IND USB A KIT 4P Plug Assembled 1 Row, USB Connector Kit - Solder Type.

USB Connector DIY Kit - Solder Type

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